“The Lions of Pride Collection” and
The Amazing Impact of Pride

Welcome to The Lions of Pride digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and NFT’s dedicated to true world influencers and trailblazers from the LGBTQ community through history!

Buy, sell and discover exclusive digital assets including very rare art recognizing the contributions of these historic LGBTQ figures. Created with Pride! Five percent (5%) of all minting proceeds will be donated to a leading LGBTQ Charity to be announced shortly. 

Who Are These LGBTQ Icons?

Each NFT in The Lions of Pride Collection includes descriptions of these LGBTQ leaders with information about their life, their challenges and their contributions to society. Some figures like Harvey Milk, Barney Franks and others advanced the causes of the LGBTQ community while others such as Michelangelo and DaVinci truly changed the world.


This project is intended to give members of the LGBTQ community positive reinforcement tools and a deeper understanding regarding the LGBTQ community’s role through history. And more than that, to give others, who might not be LGBTQ members, a better understanding of this highly influential and accomplished group of LGBTQ world influencers. 


Visit this site for updates and on the 26th start your Lions of Pride Collection by buying your NFT’s right here!

For a tutorial on how to purchase NFT’s: